Yammer Desktop Mac Download

We discussed before about Yammer as professional/business social network

Yammer can be accessed online through browser or using mobile app or desktop app.

Yammer Desktop Mac Download

Yammer Desktop Mac Download Mac

The desktop app is a native client for Mac and Windows with the full functionality of Yammer. Along with streamlined log in and SSO support, the app integrates with native operating system capabilities such as notifications, shortcuts, and launch on startup. Download the Sonos app for iOS, Android, FireOS, Windows, and macOS.

Let us take a look at Yammer desktop app so you can use it directly from your desktop without need to open browser, you can download it from here:

Windows (7+)Mac (10.9+)
Download (32-bit)Download
Download (64-bit)

Once you download it and run the installation file, it will install the app.

Then you will Open yammer app, if you look into your apps/programs.

When you open it , you will be asked to enter your credentials

Yammer Desktop Application

Once you login you will see full functioning version of Yammer, with Yammer you can create groups, send messages, upload files, tag people, post status/, announcements and Polls.

Yammer Desktop Mac DownloadYammer desktop app download

Yammer For Desktop

You can also bookmark conversation as we discussed here