Free Speech Dictation Software For Mac

Dictation is a free online speech recognition software that will help you write emails, documents and essays using your voice narration and without typing. Type with your Voice in any language Use the magic of speech recognition to write emails and documents in Google Chrome. Dictation software or voice-to-text software has come a long way and advanced in leaps and bounds. It is speech recognition software that allows you to speak, rather than type a wide variety of documents, e.g. Articles, emails, commands or notes. The spoken word is then turned into text. If you want a reliable dictation software for Mac OS, look no further than Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0. GOOGLE DOCS SPEECH TO TEXT If you do most of your typing work online, then Google Docs may be for you.

Free Speech Dictation Software For Mac

As the rapid development of the technology of speech recognition, a bunch of dictation software are getting much more popular among computer users especially those who used to spend a lot of time in typing. With the help of dictation software, you can convert your voice into written words automatically. There is no doubt that it will free your hand, speed up your writing and improve your working efficiency.

In the following part, I will share best 6 free user-friendly speech-to-text software for you. All these software are easy to get started, so you needn’t worry they are complicated. All you need is to prepare a microphone and then open your mouth! These dictation tools can be divided into two categories:

1. Online Speech-to-Text Tool
2. Speech-to-Text Software to Download

Online Speech-to-Text Tool

All this type of speech-to-text tools are free websites used in a browser (Chrome suggested) to turn your voice to text without downloading or installing any software. You just need an internet connection.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing
Voice dictation software for mac

Nowadays Google Docs gets more popular among office personnel because of its function of cloud synchronization. It’s worth mentioning that there is a dictation tool called voice typing in it. When you don’t want to type, you can click “Tools” and then “voice typing”. Then a microphone box appears. If you are prepared for speaking, just click the mic and it will change into a red button. Please remember to speak clearly at a natural speed and volume, and also make sure you have a good network.

2. Dictation. io

Unlike Google Docs Voice Typing, Dictation. io is often for one-time use. This website has clean interface and design since you just need to click “start” to speak. When I was testing this tool, it worked rather accurately. Thus, I highly recommend this dictation tool if you want to dictate for once or you’re looking for a rare language since this tool supports more than 120 languages. Also, when you finish your dictation, you can copy your work into anywhere, save it as text format, tweet it, email it or print it.

3. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is the last online speech-to-text tool I want to share with you. This free tool not only works along with Google Chrome but also Android devices. Speechnotes claims to be a free alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking by providing the best free online dictation tool and offering the most accurate results.

Free Speech Dictation Software For Mac

When you start speaking, just click the microphone at the bottom-right , and it will turn your voice into words automatically. There exists a disadvantage about this service, that is, some ads in the interface. However, they don’t influence your user experience. Especially, ensure that you have copied your document since it won’t save it after you leave the website.

Speech-to-Text Software to Download

1. Windows Speech Recognition (plus Cortana)

Windows Speech Recognition is a free and built-in application in windows system. It’s easy to set up it. You just need to type “speech recognition” in the search bar, select “start speech recognition” and follow the procedure.

After successful setup, the voice box appears. Click on the speaker and it will turn into blue. Now it’s time for you to speak, and what you have just spoken will convert into written words. During my process of testing, I must admit that it didn’t respond so quickly and its accuracy is comparatively lower than the others like the two which I am going to share with you next. If you are looking for a staring program about dictation software, Windows Speech Recognition plus Cortana, an AI assistant, can be a good choice. If you want to know more about its operation, please click here for windows 7&8 and for windows 10.

2. Speech to Text Converter

Speech to text Converter is a very simple but powerful dictation tool to convert voice into plain text. Compared with Windows Speech Recognition, it has faster reaction speed and higher accuracy. Every time you want to open it, just type “speech to text converter” in the search bar and you’ll find it quickly. It’s worth mentioning that the words in the box cannot be edited or saved, but you can copy them anywhere you need. Given its faster reaction and high accuracy rate, it’s definitely worthwhile for you to download.

3. Dictate

Dictate is an add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. After downloading and installing, Dictation ribbon will appear in your Office software. In addition to the function of speech to text, what you speak can be turned into another language in written words. For example, you need to write French, but you can only speak English. Don’t worry! Dictate can help you. Just settle the language options from English to French, your requirement will be satisfied. I’m sorry to tell you that this add-in is only supported on Windows versions of Office. If your computer is equipped with windows system and office software, Dictate can be a considerable choice for you.


As you can see, each dictation tool or software above has its own features and advantages. They can satisfy different people with different requirements. All in all, online dictation tools can be used without downloading and installing, and what I highly recommend is Dictation. io due to its concise interface. As for the dictation software belong to the second category, I commend Speech to Text Converter for its high accuracy rate and fast reaction speed. But finally, it’s up to you to choose one since you may have different demand. The most important is that all these speech-to-text tools I share today are free.

Bonus Tips

1. When you need punctuation in sentences, you can say period/comma/question mark/exclamation/semicolon and etc.

2. Be prepared with a good-quality microphone and internet connection, which guarantee your success of converting speech to text.

3. Try your best to speak like a broadcaster. This doesn’t mean that you should speak like a robot, but you ought to speak as clearly and naturally as possible. Also, it’s better for you to keep practice, in order to train the software to be familiar with your speech habits. When you have done this, your working efficiency can be ensured.

4. If you have any trouble in using these software or have any other better suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us comment below.

Medical dictation software for macMac

5. If you are looking for a free tool to convert DRM-protected Audible aax/aa audiobooks to DRM-free MP3, you can try Epubor Audible Converter. All you need to do is to drag and drop the audiobooks to the software, click the Convert button to start the conversion. For more detailed information, you can read Ultimate Ways to Convert AAX to MP3 [Infographic].

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Part 1

1. Mountain Lion Dictation

Free Speech Dictation Software For Mac Windows 10

Features and functions

· Mountain Lion Dictation is free dictation software for Mac which provides easy to use recording and listening method.

· This program needs an internet connection to work and provides an onscreen keyboard with a little microphone key.

· This software allows you to easily turn the functionality on or off.

Pros of Mountain Lion Dictation

· Mountain Lion Dictation is not just very easy to use but also very user friendly.

· It provides keys on virtual keyboard for every action and this makes working on it quite simple and intuitive. This is another great point related to it.

· Another positive associated with this free dictation software for Mac is that it allows many shortcuts which save a lot of your time.

Cons of Mountain Lion Dictation

· Mountain Lion Dictation doesn’t work well when you use your Mac’s internal microphone and doesn’t offer good sound quality in this case.

· Another negative associated with it is that you can only speak for 30 seconds at a time using the dictation feature on this software.

· Mountain Lion Dictation doesn’t offer heavy duty conversion of speech to text and works only when there is an active internet connection.

Best Free Speech To Text Software For Mac

User reviews:

  • Mountain Lion dictationdoes a pretty decent job of recognizing people’s voices. It can differentiate between U.S, UK and Australian English speakers. It can also automatically detectFrench, German and Japanese
  • It is important to enunciate and speak as much like a news caster as possible. If you speak words like umm or stutter a lot you’re not going to have a good time with dictation.
  • This tool is good for drafting documents, emails or articles, which is exactly what I’m doing right now, but if you want to rely on dictation for serious work you’re going to want to plunk down the cash for Dragon Dictate.