Free Digital Painting Software For Mac

You are an artist who would like to draw on computers and laptops with the same feel of paper then you need a digital drawing tool. The tool provides you with an environment to draw beautiful sketches as you draw on paper. We review the best digital drawing software available here. There are free drawing tools available on the Internet. You can download the same to start drawing on your computer. Let us now review the tools.

Real media paint software for digital painting, with simulation of real-world color mixing, blending, wet-diffusion and drying. Download for Mac and Windows.

  • Discover the best Apple Mac and Windows software for digital painting and drawings in 2015 - 2020. Free download painting software for digital artists. MediBang Paint Pro, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape are free.
  • Get the free app Get in touch with your canvas. Built for the latest stylus and touch devices — now including iPhones — Adobe Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary live brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience.



ArtRage gives you real world painting tools on your desktop in a really easy to use environment that allows you to create the drawings. It is suitable for all levels of people and skills. You can learn to paint using watercolors, oils, pencils using ArtRage. The software has a non-intrusive design.


This is a fully featured painting tool with a variety of predefined brushes to paint or experiment. The software has an intuitive and easy to use interface which is customizable to a large extent. It has a collaborative platform to allow teams to work over the Internet. It supports many tools, layers, and filters.


A mischief is a drawing software available free to download. It has the essential tools with an infinite canvas perfect for drawing your ideas. The priced software comes at 25 dollars and has more features like more presets, color palettes and layers. You can export the file to PSD. A 15-day trial is available before you want to buy.

Digital Drawing Software for Other Platforms

Artists or people who need to draw use a different type of computer operating systems. They use Windows , Macintosh, and Linux operating systems for their day to day tasks. Digital Drawing software is available on these platforms. Let us review some platform specific drawing software for your use.

Digital Art Software For Mac

Best Digital Drawing Software for Android – ArtFlow

ArtFlow is a drawing software which works on Android platform. You can use your phone or tablet as a sketchbook with more than 70 paintbrushes , smudge, file and eraser tool. The intuitive application helps you to unlock your full creative side. It has a high-performance paint engine.

Free Digital Painting Software For Mac

Best Free Digital Painting Software For Mac

Best Digital Drawing Software for Mac – Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk is used by a huge number of users on the Mac platform. You can draw, paint, doodle, and sketch board . The software is available as a free drawing software. A module called Kids Heaven provides a fantastic drawing experience to kids. Doodlers can use Doodle Desk for entertainment and fun.

Best Digital Drawing Software for Windows – Krita

Krita is a free sketching and Painting Software. It helps to create concept art, texture or matte painting, illustration, and comics. It has a whole lot of features to draw. It has been with the industry for a decade and has kept improving till date. It offers common and innovative features to help all the people.

Most Popular Digital Drawing Software – Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is used for anyone to create amazing drawings right from amateurs to professionals. You can create your own brush set and manage them. It has a new brush set and color management. It has a Copic color library. It has an optimized pen-based workflow. It has 16 Brushes and 3 layers.

How To Install Digital Drawing Software?

Digital Drawing Software can be downloaded from the publisher’s website. Once the software is download completely it is a good idea to read the installation manual or guide. We can then run the setup once the pre-requisites are in place. It will ask simple questions like where the software needs to be installed and what is the path for the same. You answer them as best to your knowledge or refer the guide in case of doubt. It will say completed once the installation is over. You can open the application to check all the features are working or not.

Free Digital Painting Software For Mac

You are a novice or a professional artist you need the digital drawing software to draw on the computer. You want to teach the kids how to paint, then this software is needed for you. You can use anyone of the above software to paint or learn to paint.

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Slowly and steadily MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop are being replaced by stronger and more popular freeware. Our list includes all the popular digital painting software, free download links as well as professional painting software, free download sources.


These help you either convert digital images into paintings or make your own paintings from scratch using the latest tools and techs.

1. PowerPaint

A sound replacement of MS Paint and other well known but cumbersome photo editing software programs, this one is a complete image editor with all the tools and presets required to edit photos, images and add loads of textures to them too.

  • Compatible with almost all current Windows OS versions.
  • Includes a separate Image Dropdown menu with a plethora of features.
  • Pre-set shapes, lines, banners and charts.
  • Tons of graph features.

2. Corel PaintShop Pro (32 Bit)

One of the few trail version software which come with complete feature sets of the real deal. This software is ideal for painting on and editing all photos and images with a touch of expertise.

  • Indulge in quick fixes using the Express Lab and the Smart carver or try out the tons of different tools and options to create professional grade photos.
  • Main set of tools include RAW Lab, Express Lab, Advanced Tools, Smart Carver and Integrated Tools.

3. Pint.NET

This is a free to use photo editing software which supports multiple layers.

  • Advanced settings to turn your images into oil paintings and sketches.
  • Work on several images side by side.
  • Record a history of changes and processes for easy removal of effects and edits.
  • Easy shortcuts for functions.
  • One touch optimizing and retouching of all images using a bunch of free and integrated tools.

4. EZ Paint

This is an extremely easy to use software which is a free alternative to MS Paint. It comes with more tools and options as well.

  • Easy drawing of line, arcs, curves and accompanying editing tools.
  • Has more than 30 custom built-in shapes.
  • Aimed at regular users who require something more than paint but less complicated than Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

5. Tux Paint

A very popular paint software which has been sought after by all young image editors, graphic designers and digital painters. The interface is extremely child-friendly and hence is very well suited for all budding talents.

  • Colorful and simple interface with minimal commands.
  • The bunch of features include Tux Paint Stamps, magic designs, colors, effects and a variety of brushes.
  • Includes over 100 brand new stamps.
  • Includes autosave and recover features.

6. Fresh paint for Windows 8

This is a free app for all windows users who want to add a touch of hand drawn painting to all their photos and images. This can edit BMP, JPEG and TIFF images without any trouble whatsoever.

  • Perfect for Windows 8 users and ideal for touchscreen devices.
  • Blend and mix colors to create new shades.
  • Realistic painting effects.
  • Fun graphical interface well suited for all age groups.

7. Tux Paint Stamps 2009-06-28

The Tux Paint Stamps are ideal for the creative souls who also love fun in art. This adds an easy charm of pop-art to your creations.

  • Free and easy installation.
  • A huge collection of free, cool stamps.
  • Easy to access and implement.
  • Compatible with Tux Paint Software (and other versions).
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 8.

8. Mario Paint Composer

This software comes with an air of creativity and freedom of exploration. This one is ideal for all the new and daring painters and designers who are looking for a lot more than MS Paint.

  • This is an extremely fun way to “paint” music using symbols like flowers, automobiles, airplanes and cute hearts.
  • Ideal for kids and teachers who want to add some fun to their classes.
  • Authentic SNES experience.

9. TAG: The Power of Paint

A very unique creation, this gaming software is used for making all kinds of creative graphic designs. This is in sync with the growing popularity of graffiti and wall-art.
  • Bold and creative way of creating new designs and clearing each level of the game.
  • New tools and paint as ammo to obtain different powers and make your move.
  • Jump, throw, boost your speed using different colors and by drawing different patterns.

10. PaintTool SAI

Free Software For Mac

A drawing utility software which is ideal for all levels of painters and designers who use their Windows device to power their creations.
  • Has all basic image editing tools including airbrushes, paintbrushes, watercolors, erasers and pencils.
  • Ready to use shapes and clip-arts.
  • Supported by simple interface and navigation.
  • Supports PSD, JPG, BMP, SAI, PNG and TGA formats.
  • Supports layers and canvases.

Digital Oil Painting Software

Here we have presented to you a huge array of software programs which revolve around painting; they include editing software as well as gaming software which use paint as a level boosting feature.

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