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VerseVIEW is a collection of PC software and mobile applications that would benefit your Church service, Ministry and personal devotion. Applications include, Bible verse and Song lyrics presentation software for Windows, MAC and Linux; Mobile application for Android devices; Web application for most browsers.

Top 10 Church Presentation Software. Church Presentation Software allows the church to present song lyrics, Scripture verses, announcements, and sermon notes to the congregation, typically on large screens at the front of the sanctuary or auditorium.

You can download the latest version of VerseVIEW applications for free from the downloads page.


  • Presentation software allows the flexibility to edit the text’s font, color, font size, the distance between letters, opacity, rotation, padding, and height of lines, among other features. It allows full customization to help you insert the text as per the requirement.
  • Free Worship is a Windows only presentation software rich in features. It allows for displaying of songs, images, videos, bible passages, notes and webcams/video cameras. It supports text overlay on videos as well as zoom and crossfade transitions. Currently there is no provision for playing audio in FreeWorship.
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VerseVIEW 6 (for Windows and MAC)
Bible and Song presentation software.

VerseVIEW Mobile Bible (for Android / iOS and major Browsers)
English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu Bible

VerseVIEW Song Book (for iPhone, Android and major Browsers)
Malayalam/Hindi Song Lyrics with Video links

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Free Church Presentation Software For Mac