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MacDaddyX 0.2.0b21 - MAC address changer. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. If you’re getting banned within 24 hours than please change your MAC address, you can download MAC Address below. SMAC is a powerful, yet an easy-to-use and intuitive Windows MAC Address Modifying Utility (MAC Address spoofing) which allows users to change MAC address for almost any Network Interface Cards (NIC) on the Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008, VISTA, XP, 2003, and 2000 systems, regardless of whether the manufacturers allow this option or not.

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  4. Technitium Mac Address Changer Download
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Hackers currently have become more rampant. They can now break into your PC and monitor all your activities, stealing your identity to use it on a different platform. They can also use your personal information to create new identities to commit cyber crime.


The only way to be sure your security online is sure is to keep your IP address safe by hiding it from others on the internet.

Fast IP Changer

IP changer is a small program that quickly changes the view of your IP address between four different configurations. It is fast, since it has been built and customized specifically for the windows. It is only 1 MB making it quick to download and use since it requires no installation. The software is free to download and use.

  1. Download Smart DNS Changer & MAC Address Changer - With this application, you can change the DNS or MAC address on your system, to ensure your children do not come across any harmful content on.
  2. Technitium MAC Address Changer v6.0.7 Latest Version Free download and Windows. Technitium MAC Address is a freeware utility to that will help you to spoof MAC address instantly at your Windows. So now you can easily change MAC Address on your Windows 10, Windows 8, And Windows XP with the help of Mac address changer free download.

Free Hide IP

It is the best free privacy software. It allows you to surf anonymously online without revealing your real IP address. It can do this by enabling you to choose a country of your choice and assigning you a fake address from that country. When sending emails, it hides your IP address from the headers so that you can send emails through platforms such as Gmail and Hotmail incognito.

IP Hider Pro

IP Hider Pro is very professional software to mask your IP address and hide your traffic on the internet and your location while surfing. It provides government-level safety assuring you freedom on the web. IP Hider Pro will allow you choose the applications you want to hide traffic. You can select new IP on time intervals 3,5,50 minutes for more protection. It gives you the confidence to surf on any website.

Download Mac Address Changer

Titanium Mac Address Changer Download

Free IP Changer Software

Free IP Changer Software is software that changes your IP through swapping the proxy settings. It comes with privacy tools. Instead of the private IP relays, you will use a free proxy to enter public settings. One must use it through Firefox, though it can also work on PC and Mac. To install and uninstall the software is easy. You will be required to add some proxy settings to surf with IP changer. To return to direct register IP, select ‘clear’.

Hide the IP

It will help you hide your IP where others will see the hidden IP masking the real IP and thus keeping your privacy. You can select which country to be shown as your origin by choosing from the list. There are hundreds of IP addresses updated hourly for use. It allows you to send anonymous emails by hiding IP on email headers. When you are using Hide the IP, hackers will be tracked by the new IP instead of the real one.

Free IP Switcher

Free IP Switcher will switch between network settings without any need to reboot. You can automatically change network settings on the PC such as default getaway, Mask, default printer and more. It is 100% spyware free. It has a System Spray icon support that allows you to auto start windows. It also makes your network management easy and straightforward.

Mac Address Lookup

Download Mac Address Changer

IPrivacy Tools

IPrivacy is easy to use software that will let you change your IP address by routing the Internet traffic through secure servers worldwide. It has a drop-down box with a list of countries that you can select to acquire a new address. You can also jump back and forth from any location around the world unlimited times.

Hide My Ass Pro VPN

It allows you to access blocked content and get privacy online with its top rated VPN service. It will give you access to favorite websites such as Facebook, Skype and more. It will conceal your location and personal information. It is easy to use software; you only need to download, and choose your location, and the encryption begins.


With IpSharkk you can choose from a broad range of IP addresses, you just need to choose your virtual location and get the IP address. It can be used for HTTPs connections. It allows you to change your IP unlimited number of times. It gives you a 30days money guarantee by enabling you to test how fast it is before buying.

The Benefits of IP Changer Software

Download Technitium Mac Address Changer 6.0.7

Although the internet has great and helpful content, it has its fair share of malicious users. The truth is hackers won’t go away soon, and it is best to know that everything from Trojan and worm to viruses are a result of the tasks of incoherent hackers.

Technitium Mac Address Changer Download

The Internet Protocol Address Changer Software helps to protect you from these threats. The results of a data breach are never very great; they can cause individuals and businesses millions of dollars, but IP Changer can help you protect sensitive content all year round.

Mac Address Changer Windows 10

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