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This wikiHow teaches you how to install and enable the Data Analysis tool in your Data toolbar on Microsoft Excel, using a computer. Open the Excel file you want to analyze. Find the Excel file you want to edit on your computer, and open. Mac users with Excel may want add-on applications for more functionality. Solver for Excel 2011 for Mac integrates well into the existing Excel program and performs additional operations on. Click Tools - Select Add-Ins. Click to select the check box for Solver.Xlam. The Data Analysis Toolpak was removed in Mac:Office for Mac 2008. However, you can download a free third-party tool that offers similar functionality: StatPlus:mac LE.

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Historically CoDaPack 3D was intended to be a package for Compositional Data Analyisis with an easy and intuitive way of use. For this reason from the beginning it has been associated with Excel, software known and used for many people. However, over the years different versions of Excel and Windows have appeared and CoDaPack has had to be adapted to these new versions due to some incompatibilities.

For this reason and also because CoDaPack only worked with Excel under Windows systems; the Girona Compositional Data Group decided to implement a new software with at least the same capabilities and the same profile of users but independent of any other software.

The new CoDaPack has three different areas: the variables area, the data area and the results area which has a textual output window and independent graphical output. Also it is expected to work at least under Unix, Window and MacOS operating systems.

If you detect any bug or you have more ideas for coming versions, contact us via email

  • Marc Comas at or
  • Santi Thió at .

CoDaPack is available for Windows, Mac (Intel processor) and any platform with a Java Virtual Machine (minimum 1.8.1):

CoDaPack is open source, you can strip the code down at Github.

Version 2.02.21 can be downloaded using the follwing link: Windows [link], Mac [link], jar file [link].

Citation and reference

To cite CoDaPack you can use the following item

Comas-Cufí M, Thió-Henestrosa S. CoDaPack 2.0: a stand-alone, multi-platform compositional software. In: Egozcue JJ, Tolosana-Delgado R, Ortego MI, eds. CoDaWork'11: 4th International Workshop on Compositional Data Analysis. Sant Feliu de Guíxols; 2011.

or add a reference to the website with

Comas-Cufí M, Thió-Henestrosa S. CoDaPack 2.0, 2011. Universitat de Girona. Available at

If you have a webpage and you think that CoDaPack can be usefull for your visitors, feel free to copy-paste the following html code in your webpage code.

<iframe src='' width='300' height='100'>

The Analysis Toolpak offers data analysis tools for statistical and engineering analysis. It provides advanced tools such as Anova, Correlation, Covariance, Fourier Analysis, Histogram, Regression, t-test and z-test.

Figure 1. Data Analysis tools

This articles assists all levels of Excel users on how to load the Data Analysis Toolpak in Excel Mac.

Where is Data Analysis in Mac

The Data Analysis tools can be accessed in the Data tab.

Figure 2. Data Analysis in menu options

When we can’t find the Data Analysis button in the toolbar, we must first load the Analysis Toolpak in Mac.

How to load the Analysis Toolpak?

When we’re using Excel for Mac, we load the Analysis Toolpak through these steps:

  • In the Tools tab, select Excel Add-Ins

Figure 3. Excel Add-Ins option in menu

  • In the Add-ins window, select Analysis Toolpakand click OK.

Figure 4. Add-ins window

Free Data Analysis Excel Download

We have successfully loaded the Analysis Toolpak. Click the Data tab > Data Analysis command to see that the Data Analysis tools are now activated.

Figure 5. Output: Load the Analysis Toolpak in Mac


If the Analysis Toolpakis not available in the list of Add-Ins, click Browse to find it. If it needs to be installed on the computer, click Yes to download and install.

Data Analysis In Excel

Download data analysis excel mac 2011 version

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