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At last week’s presentation to the Edmonton SQL Server user group, I spoke at length about the many extensions that are available for Azure Data Studio, and was asked by Chris Wood to share all the extensions I use.

It’s worth mentioning that for the most part Azure Data Studio extensions are extremely lightweight, both in download size and memory usage. Installing this many on SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) would slow it down dramatically.

Download Azure Data Studio Mac Os

Note: not all extensions can be installed from the Extensions pane. For many of them you must visit a website, download the VSIX file and install it manually using the File > Install Extension from VSIX Package menu option. In most cases you can trust extensions from reputable publishers, but always take care.

  • I was able to run SQL server on MAC using Docker by running it along with the Azure Data Studio. In order to connect to a server, you need to go to preferences of your Docker settings and increase the Memory allocation from the default of 2GB to minimum 4GB (as SQL server needs min 3.25GB space). Save and restart the docker.
  • So when you try to navigate to the.bak file in Azure Data Studio (in the next step), you’ll find yourself “stuck” inside the Docker container’s file system, with no way of accessing the.bak file on your Mac’s file system. Therefore, we copy the.bak file to the container’s file system first, then we can access it via Azure Data.

Azure Data Studio Linux

Hi Are there plans for a SSMS to run on Mac OSX, since there is a Visual Studio for Mac? Thanks davej Hello, The SSMS team has no plan at this time to move SSMS to be cross.

Since I use a MacBook as my day-to-day computer, I am listing two sets of extensions, because some of them have dependencies on the underlying operating system.

Mac version

  • Admin Pack for SQL Server (Microsoft) – a single package containing SQL Server Agent, SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server Import, and SQL Server Dacpac.
  • Central Management Servers (Microsoft) – store a list of instances of SQL Server that is organized into one or more groups (more info here).
  • Data Virtualization (Microsoft) – support for Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2019 and higher, including Virtualize Data wizards.
  • Delete database (AlexP) – add a “Delete” option when right-clicking on a database.
  • Demo Mode (Drew Skwiers-Koballa) – toggle the editor font size between your font and a larger font size.
  • First Responders Kit (Drew Skwiers-Koballa) – work with the First Responder’s Kit from Brent Ozar Unlimited.
  • Machine Learning (Microsoft) – manage packages and models, make predictions, and create notebooks to run experiments for SQL databases.
  • MSSQL Db Insights (matticusau) – provide additional dashboard widgets to give you insight into your SQL Server instance.
  • New Database (Kevin Cunnane) – add a “New Database” option when right-clicking on the Databases folder.
  • Poor SQL Formatter (WSR Publishing, Inc) – use the popular Transact-SQL code formatter created by Tao Klerks.
  • PostgreSQL (Microsoft) – connect, query, and manage Postgres databases with Azure Data Studio.
  • PowerShell (Microsoft) – write and run PowerShell scripts with rich language support including syntax highlighting and IntelliSense.
  • Query History (Microsoft) – keep a record of past executed queries. Note that it is in preview.
  • SandDance for Azure Data Studio (msrvida) – visually explore, understand, and present your data.
  • Schema Visualization (Jens Hunt) – visualize database schemas in Azure Data Studio using mermaid.js.
  • Server Reports (Microsoft) – get useful performance-related insights, including tempdb.
  • SQL Server Agent (Microsoft) – manage, configure and troubleshoot SQL Agent jobs.
  • SQL Server Dacpac (Microsoft) – manage>enhanced execution plan diagrams for queries inside Azure Data Studio.
  • SQL Assessment (Microsoft) – evaluate the configuration of SQL Server for best practices using the SQL Assessment API.

Azure Data Studio Insider Build

Share your favourite extensions in the comments below.