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If there is a third-party application that stands out for its level of integration with Mac systems, that app is Cyberduck, a FTP and SFTP client capable of working with Spotlight, Bonjour, Keychain, AppleScript, and iDisk.
One of the most interesting parts of Cyberduck is the possibility to access a list of files in a server without having to be connected to it. This navigation is carried out by a file cache stored by the program.
Among other things, Cyberduck helps you recursively transfer directories, resume interrupted uploads and downloads (as long as the server supports it), filter files using a regular expression, and limit the number of concurrent transfers.
Cyberduck doesn't integrate just with the aforementioned systems, but also with text editors like skEdit, SubEthaEdit, BBEdit, Smultron, JeditX, CSSEdit, and PageSpinner.

For Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.


Amazon S3 S3 for the rest of us. Browse Amazon Simple Storage Service like your harddisk. Supporting the latest and greatest additions to the S3 storage options. Define website endpoints, enable access logging, configure storage class, encryption and lifecycle (Glacier). Use Mountain Duck to mount S3 buckets to your desktop.

Download Cyberduck for macOS 10.8 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Cyberduck is an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure & OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox browser to transfer files to your web hosting service provider and connecting to cloud storage accounts from Rackspace Cloud Files, Google. Cyberduck ftp free download - Cyberduck, Cyberduck for Windows 10, Cyberduck for Windows, and many more programs. Libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3 & OpenStack Swift browser for Mac and Windows. Features: Connecting to every server With an easy to use interface, connect to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer), WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files.


Cyberduck ftp download mac 10.10

Generic connection profiles for third party providers

  • Authentication with signature version AWS4-HMAC-SHA256
    • DownloadS3 (HTTP) connection profile for preconfigured settings
    • S3 (HTTPS) connection profile is bundled by default.
  • Authentication with signature version AWS2
    • DownloadS3 AWS2 Signature Version (HTTP) connection profile for preconfigured settings
    • DownloadS3 AWS2 Signature Version (HTTPS) connection profile for preconfigured settings
  • Amazon S3 China (Beijing) 🇨🇳

    DownloadAWS China (Beijing) connection profile for preconfigured settings

  • Amazon S3 China (Ningxia) 🇨🇳

    DownloadAWS China (Ningxia) connection profile for preconfigured settings

  • AWS GovCloud 🇺🇸

    DownloadS3 GovCloud (US-East) connection profile for preconfigured settings

    DownloadS3 GovCloud (US-West) connection profile for preconfigured settings

  • Authentication with temporary token
    • DownloadS3 (Credentials from Instance Metadata) connection profile for preconfigured settings. Use Cyberduck for Windows or ​Cyberduck CLI on EC2 and have setup ​IAM Roles for Amazon EC2 to provide access to S3 from the EC2 instance.


    • DownloadS3 (Credentials from AWS Security Token Service) connection profile for preconfigured settings. Obtain temporary credentials from AWS Security Token Service (STS)



Versioning and MFA
Support for bucket versioning and Multi-Factor Authentication Delete. With versioning enabled, revert to any previous version of a file.

Configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) for fine grained access permissions. Copy a signed URL for temporary access.

Bucket Lifecycle Configuration
Configure S3 to archive objects in Glacier.

You can edit standard HTTP headers and add custom HTTP headers to files to store metadata and control cache expire settings. Batch editing included.

AWS Security Token Service (STS)
Read credentials from ~/.aws/credentials and connect with AssumeRole from AWS Security Token Service (STS) with optional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • Minio Cloud Storage

    ​Minio is an object storage server built for cloud application developers and devops. Launch your own Amazon S3 compatible object storage server in few seconds.

    Minio is an open source object storage server with Amazon S3 compatible API. Build cloud-native applications portable across all major public and private clouds.

    Use the generic connection profiles for third party providers.



We do not endorse any particular provider. This list is in not exhaustive and in no particular order.


Cyberduck Ftp Download

Download and double click the connection profile file (.cyberduckprofile) to open and register the profile with Cyberduck and Mountain Duck. Connection profiles are shared between Cyberduck, Cyberduck CLI and Mountain Duck.

Cyberduck Download Mac Os

  • Wasabi Storage S3🇺🇸

    One simple storage solution that is faster than Amazon S3 yet cheaper than Amazon Glacier. Wasabi's immutable buckets protect you against most common causes of data loss.

    Download connection profile (Region us-east-1)

    Download connection profile (Region us-west-1)

    Download connection profile (Region eu-central-1)


  • DreamObjects Cloud Storage S3🇺🇸

    ​DreamObjects is a cost-effective, public cloud storage service built on top of the open source technology ​Ceph. It is compatible with the APIs of Amazon S3 and Swift based object storage services.

    Download connection profile


    DigitalOcean Spaces S3🇺🇸

    ​Spaces, a beautifully simple and scalable object storage service.

    Download connection profile (Region NYC3)

    Download connection profile (Region AMS3)

    Download connection profile (Region SGP1)

    Download connection profile (Region SFO2)


  • Dunkel Cloud Storage S3🇩🇪

    Dunkel Cloud Storage (DCS) ist ein Objekt-Storage mit redundanter Datenspeicherung in deutschen Rechenzentren.

    Download connection profile


    Exoscale Swiss Object Store S3🇨🇭

    A safe object storage service for all your needs, with Swiss privacy and quality. Provides S3 API compatibility layer.

    Download connection profile


  • Scaleway Object Storage S3🇳🇱

    Scalable, fast and reliable storage platform for your data.

    Download connection profile (Region NL-AMS)

    Download connection profile (Region FR-PAR)

    Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) S3

    Object Storage Service (OSS) is a secure, cost-effective, and highly reliable cloud storage service provided by Alibaba Cloud.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage 🇺🇸

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides secure, infinitely scalable, reliable, and on-demand public cloud storage solutions. Businesses can access additional storage capacity in minutes with zero hardware investment. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, and from any device connected to the Internet.


    • Download OCI Object Storage (us-phoenix-1) connection profile
    • Download OCI Object Storage (us-ashburn-1) connection profile
    • Download OCI Object Storage (eu-frankfurt-1) connection profile