Crashplan Pro Download Mac

The instructions assume that you have obtained an up-to-date installer from your IT support team.

CrashPlan only backs up the home directory of the currently logged in user. If your home directory is called root or admin because of the way you setup your system, then ignore this note and continue. Download the.tgz archive to your computer’s desktop. Navigate to the desktop with the following command: Cd /Desktop/. 3) Install CrashPlan on your main client. Naturally, for me this is a Mac. Go to the download page and install the right client for your machine. What you have to remember here is that you are going to point the CrashPlan software to your Synology, not to your local machine. That involves some Terminal work. For CrashPlan Pro Mac OS. The CrashPlan Pro installation wizard will launch 5. Click Continue 6. Click Agree, to agree to the software license agreement 7. Click Install 9. Login with your 8 digit SMUID and password. A status of the backup will appear and may take several hours to complete. CrashPlan features include continuous, easy cloud-based file backup with file recovery & multi-device compatibility. Learn more about what Crashplan can do.

Step 1 — Install CrashPlan

  1. Double-click the CrashPlan file (filename CrashPlanPROe_Mac.dmg).
  1. Double-click the CrashPlanPROe disk image icon.
  1. Double-click the Install CrashPlanPROe icon.
  1. On the “Welcome to the CrashPlan Installer” screen, click Continue.
  1. On the “Software License Agreement” screen, click Continue.
  1. Click Agree to continue.
  1. On the “Standard Install…” screen, click Install.
  1. Enter your system password and click Install Software.
  1. The installation will now proceed. When it is finished, click Close.
Crashplan Pro Download Mac

Step 2 — Install Java (if required)

If, at this point, you are presented with a “Software Update” window, proceed. If not, skip to Step 3 — CrashPlan Setup below.

  1. At the “Software Update” prompt, click Install to install a Java runtime.
  1. On the “License Agreement” screen, click Agree.
  1. The installation will now proceed. When it is finished, click OK.
  1. If you are prompted to allow incoming network access for java, click Allow.

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Crashplan Pro Download Mac

Step 3 — CrashPlan Setup

  1. Once CrashPlan is installed, it will launch and open a “Create your account” setup screen. On that screen, check the box labeled Login with Stanford Single Sign-on.

Crashplan Pro Download Mac Download

Generic Installers: If the next screen presents the “Create your account” dialog box, contact your IT support team before proceeding. Your installer is generic; you will need to manually enter the registration and server information.

Crashplan Pro Download Client

  1. Fully Customized Installers: Your registration and server information is pre-built into your installer. Simply enter your Stanford credentials in the familiar WebAuth screen and click Login. Do not hit Retry. There may be a short delay.

Crashplan Pro Sign In

  1. If prompted, enter your 2-step Authentication Code and click Login in the WebLogin window again. Do not hit Retry.

Crashplan Client Download

  1. Congratulations! Your CrashPlan configuration is now complete and you can close the control panel window. CrashPlan is now in the process of performing your first backup.