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The ClueFinders Math Adventures download free. full Game 9–12: Mystery in the Himalayas is a computer game in The Learning Company's ClueFinders Series, where the ClueFinders try to recover stolen treasures in a small Himalayan village. The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures is an adventure game that builds on sixth graders interest in mystery and adventure and develops their logical.

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ClueFinders 3rd Grade OLD VERSION for PC & Mac, Windows, OSX, and Linux. A daring group of kid detectives, a jungle adventure, and the mystery of an ancient monster make The ClueFinders' 3rd Grade Adventures the most exciting way to develop essential academic and thinking skills. Explore 30 interactive games and exercises designed for kids, ages 7 to 9 and older. Build more than 75 key third grade skills in math, language, science, geography, and problem solving. Four levels of difficulty and a variety of tricky challenges keep ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures 2002: Mystery of Mathra fun and fresh.

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Uncover the secrets of the jungle

The Cluefinders have starred in a number of games over the years and their educational adventures are easily in the same class as the Carmen Sandiego titles and Headline Harry. This one is perhaps their second best game, only behind 5th Grade Adventures, so if you've got kids of the right age, this is a great choice to keep them entertained. This one finds the mystery solving kids called in to investigate a monster which has been reported in the rainforest and which has been linked to the disappearance of several animals and a prominent scientist. You'll have to explore the forest, looking for clues and some keys which will open the gates to an ancient city, where you'll finally confront the monster. The game itself is aimed at 7-9 year olds and aims to teach them things like science, logic, language and maths skills and which is done through a wide range of mini-games and activities. The whole thing is presented with some impressive animated visuals that give it the feel of a junior version of Broken Sword or other such adventures. The graphics are just one of many reasons why this is a top notch title, and they're lushly detailed, with nice animation and create a really immersive atmosphere. Equally appealing is the sheer range of activities to take part in, and which are so well implemented that you almost forget you're learning while you're playing. The story too is highly compelling and really sucks you in and which again makes this feel like a real game, rather than a dry and boring educational title. All in all, this a first class adventure.

First intro of ClueFinders

The game is the first in the series and depicts the first meeting of the ClueFinders and LapTrap, who goes on to appear in all the other ClueFinders games. The game ends with LapTrap being given to the ClueFinders and, in this respect, The Mystery of Mathra can be seen as an origin story for the rest of the series.
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Cluefinders 3rd Grade Download Free

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Cluefinders 3rd Grade Download Free

The Cluefinders 3rd Grade Adventures

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