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Download the app and Experience why Cisco Webex Meetings on PC is the most trusted video conferencing solution today. You will learn in this article on how to download and use the app on Your Windows and Mac PCs

I've been using webex on my mac for a while now for work meetings. Then one day I tried to open it and it gave me an alert saying webex was a corrupt app and to move it to the trash can. I did so and then tried to reinstall webex, but it didn't work. I've tried several times since and I even tried to delete the webex system files in my Library. Free video conferencing, secure & reliable online meetings and conference calls made easy with Cisco Webex. HD video & audio, screen sharing. Sign up for free today. Cisco Webex and 3rd Party Support Utilities Product: Webex Events, Webex Meetings, Webex Site Administration, Webex Support, Webex Training Operating System: Android, iOS, Mac, Web Browser, Windows Desktop. Make connecting simple for smoother meetings so users can invite others to easily join with their own video system. From the proven industry leader in web and video conferencing, rely on secure, scalable Webex meetings from the global Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

Cisco Webex Meetings PC app – About

Cisco Webex Meetings for PC app provides businesses with a powerful video-conferencing platform that is easy to use and packed with features. It is best suited to large companies requiring a comprehensive video conferencing solution. It is also one of the most expensive video conferencing platforms available. These factors might deter some small- and medium-sized businesses.

In both the free and premium plans, Cisco offers the full suite of standard video conferencing features. These include screen sharing, call scheduling, calendar app integration, and file sharing. Cisco Webex Meetings for Windows also enables users to create in-call polls and run Q&A sessions for participants. These are useful inclusions that make the platform highly participatory, and a reliable choice for businesses that organize webinars or large video meetings.

Additionally, the premium plans offer more advanced features such as MP4 call recording, custom links for calls, and encrypted cloud storage of data. Another feature that stood out was the ability to access participant information (such as their organization or position) directly from the call. This makes it easy to know who is in the meeting and is ideal for mid- and large-sized businesses.

Cisco webex meetings mac download free

Paid plans include Starter ($13.50 per month for up to 50 attendees), Plus ($17.95 per month for up to 100 attendees), Business ($26.95 per month for up to 200 attendees), and Enterprise, for which you’ll need to contact Cisco to get precise pricing but which will allow up to 1,000 attendees per meeting.

All paid plans include video conferencing with up to 25 video feeds, application and screen sharing, meeting recording (audio, video, and content), free mobile apps, and the ability to share the presenter role. “Call Me” plans are also available, in which the conference calls you, but you have to pay a monthly fee of $4 dollars per host per month. This is a significant cost reduction from the previous iteration.

Pros and Cons

  • One button to push joining. Just having one button to click and “everything magically works” is amazing from the user’s standpoint.
  • The video that is clear and helps convey your message because audio alone is missing so much of what we humans look for in interactions. And Webex meetings with video has filled that gap back in.
  • Metrics! I mean who doesn’t need good metrics. And trust me, Cisco Webex meetings have some of the best. It can get such granular detail and It can help users understand exactly why something didn’t work so they can make it better next time.
  • The way than devices and software work so seamlessly together. Having Cisco Webex enabled conference rooms has been such a crazy turn around for the users in the conference rooms experience.
  • The back end management of users CAN be a bit clunky. But it works once it’s all set up. Was just not the easiest to set up.
  • I do wish the price would come down on the units. They are a bit on the expensive side, but honestly, you get what you pay for.

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How To Install Cisco Webex Meetings app on Windows and Mac

Cisco Webex Meetings Mac Download Version

  1. Download an Android Emulator on your PC, get BlueStacks Or NoxPlayer
  2. Once the emulator downloaded, double-click on the file located in the downloaded folder.
  3. Allow the software to make changes to your device. Click on the Install button to start the installation. Let the emulator take its time for installation.
  4. Enter your Google Account, once the installation gets completed. Create a new account if you don’t own one yet!
  5. BlueStacks home screen appeared, Click on the Google Play app.
  6. Search for Cisco Webex Meetings App, open and install it.