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    Celtx for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

Join 6 million creatives using the all-in-one

Download Celtx 2.9.7 for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Free Scriptwriting Software & All-In-One Production Studios. Celtx is a media pre-production tool designed to ease the work of those who work in the media production industry by providing a simple desktop utility for organizing the project information.

Celtx for Mac system for writing, planning, and collaborating on video and game productions.
  1. Download the latest version of Celtx Shots for Mac - Cinematography pre-visualization tool. Read 1 user reviews of Celtx Shots on MacUpdate.
  2. The Celtx free download for Mac and Windows is consistently updated to coincide with the newest systems. Compared to paper scripts, the application is more user and ecofriendly – allowing for unity, and reduction of natural resources.

From script to shoot, Celtx for macOS kickstarts your production with cloud-based planning tools to create better content faster.
Write, breakdown, storyboard, schedule and budget your productions. Everyone works off one master file so productions are better organized. Simple to learn, easy to use & designed to facilitate real-time collaboration. Work online or offline with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Use industry-standard editors to write Features, Shorts, Promos, Videos, Commercials, Webisodes, and more.
Create Storyboards to communicate the creative vision. Block shots to mark camera, lighting and cast positions for the shoot.
Breakdown the script to make sure all talent, props, wardrobe, equipment, locations, and crew are ready and waiting for the shoot.
Create a list of every shot for production. Plan the shot type, angle, movement, equipment, and cast required.
Schedule shoot dates and locations to keep costs in check. Send talent their sides so they show up ready to shoot their scenes.
Thoroughly budget all production costs and generate reports and infographics to keep track of budgeted costs.
Features and Highlights
  • Write, import, edit and publish scripts using standard industry formatting
  • Manage pre-production tasks like location and talent scouting
  • Perform production breakdowns by adding media (sound files, video clips, and digital pictures)
  • Collaborate with team members over the Internet

Note: Greyfirst Corp has discontinued the standalone application and provide Celtx as a cloud service now.
Also Available: Download Celtx for Windows

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Create movie scripts, storyboards and more with Celtx, which you can download for free. If you are using Windows, then please click here.


If you've long gone with a little writer or filmmaker in your stomach, then you've come to the right place. With Celtx you get the opportunity to live this dream. The program gives you the tools to produce all the textual prep work before the actual production of a movie, a play or the like starts.

The version you can download here on the page is intended for Mac users, but if you want to download Celtx for Windows, you will find a link to this further down the page. Downloading the program is completely free of charge, so you can download and test it without any worries and free of charge if it is in your interest.

Celtx Download App

How does Celtx work?

Celtx is actually quite simple built up, although at first glance it may seem a bit confusing. The program is, as I said, created for the production of manuscripts for films, books, theatrical performances and much more. In this version there is also the possibility of producing storyboards.

Here you can insert the visual representations you have produced that will form the basis for the recording of a scene. So in Celtx you can both produce a movie's script and storyboard, which brings together everything you need in a program. So you don't have to play the time in Word or save your storyboard in a physical folder - Celtx does it all for you.

Write and illustrate the action

In Celtx you first choose which type of project you want to produce. Here you can choose between Film, Audio-Visual, Theater, Audio Play, Storyboard, Comic Book, and Novel. This way, your experience of production is specialized, while you can have several different projects in progress, all handled by the same program. So you can both write on a screenplay and make a cartoon while switching between the two without having to leave the program.

Celtx software, free download

If, for example, you choose to produce a play, you are not only given the opportunity to just write the piece's action and dialogue. Celtx gives you the tools to produce visual representations of the scenes, where you can determine the players' positions, as well as insert arrows, for example, to illustrate which direction the actors should leave the scene in.

Of course, this feature can also be used for the production of movies and storyboards. For example, as below, where the players' positions in this scene are illustrated. Here is also illustrated how this scene is intended to be filmed as an over-the-shoulder shot, as well as what type of lighting the scene should contain and where this lighting should be placed.

User-friendly layout helps you on the road

When embarking on the use of a new program, it is important to find it around. Celtx is user-friendly like most popular computer programs, where you have a number of drop-down menus on the top that you can navigate around. what you want to use it for. In the right and left side of the program you will find the tools that the program provides to you. All this is illustrated below.

During the settings, you can choose which functions you want to use. You can therefore also choose the things from which you do not need, so that they not only fill in the layout, which makes it even more manageable.

For professionals and amateurs

Celtx is the perfect tool for the production and organization of media projects. It contains a wealth of options and features that it requires a larger expert than us here to manage, but in its simplest form, Celtx is useful for anyone who wants to try their hand at this type of program. It is downloaded and installed quickly and then you can freely click around and explore the possibilities.

However, it is worth mentioning that the program does not guide you through its capabilities and functions. Therefore, you may not be able to master its use immediately. The templates for the differencesDifferent types of projects, however, make it easy to embark on, for example, a film script, and therefore it is definitely worth downloading and testing the program if it has caught your interest.


Of course, it is important that you download the version of Celtx that is compatible with your operating system. This edition of Celtx is intended for users of Mac operating systems. Instead of using Windows, and if you want to download the program for free, you will find Celtx for Windows using this link.

Celtx has been developed so that add-ons can be installed, which can specialize your production even more. The company behind this program has also developed a number of add-on programs and professional tools that can be downloaded. These can be found on the program's website, where Celtx for the Linux operating system can also be downloaded for free.


If you want a program that gives you all the tools to live your dream of producing eg manuscripts or storyboards for movies, then you have come to the right place. Celtx is created for just the production of everything that lies before, for example, the filming of the film itself. In Celtx you can create movie scripts, manuscripts for theater, storyboards for movies, comics, novels, and that you can create visual representations for all these, so that all the work is done before the recordings begin.

The program's setup makes it quite simple to navigate in. However, it should be mentioned that the program does not help you on the way with, for example, a manual. It is created for professional needs, but this does not preclude amateurs from using it. The user-friendly layout makes it manageable. The edition on this site is designed for Mac operating system users, but if you use Windows operating systems, you can also use Celtx. Higher up the page is a link to the Celtx for Windows download page. You will also find a link to Celtx's website, where a version of the program for Linux's operating system exists, while you can also explore the many add-ons and tools that can specialize your experience with the program.

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