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Although there are a lot of audio recording programs out there claiming to record almost any sound play on computer, the fact you should always keep in mind is that only a few of them promise capturing high quality audio. Therefore, if you care much about the quality of your recordings, choosing a proper high-powered audio recorder could really matter. Are you just looking for such recording tool but with a low budget? Luckily, among the numerous audio recording software available on internet, we are glad to see most of them are offered for free. To help you quickly pick up the best free audio recorder online, we complied a list of top 5 most popular free audio recording software that can record streaming music, radios, in-game sound, music in videos, and any other sound play on Mac and Windows with high quality.

We compare the best alternatives to Apple's free music-making app GarageBand 1. GarageBand 10 2. PreSonus Studio One 4 Prime 4. Ableton Live 10 5. Cubase Elements 10.5 6. Reason 11 Intro 7. What is Music Mixer Software? Music mixer software is an application that allows you to blend songs together. The software is suitable for both beginner and professional DJs. The music mixer software is convenient and simple to use. The program can be run on computers making it easy to mix the tracks. It makes it easy to get the best sounds.

Top 1. Audacity (Mac & Windows)

Best free music mixing software for mac free

As a well known open source audio recorder, Audacity is capable of recording and editing anything you throw at it, including audio through microphone and sound card all in a few clicks thanks to the clean interface. It also allows users adjust pitch, bass, and treble, or normalize noise and add effects like reverb and phasing to the recordings. In addition, it supports multi-track capturing to save a lot of time for you. And unlike most other free audio recorders which are free for a limited time or free with locked features, Audacity is a real free of charge audio recording application offered in full free version. Overall, Audacity offers one of the most robust packages available among free recording programs.


1. Totally free and extremely easy to use;
2. Support recording any sound on computer;
3. Edit recorded audio's quality with many effects;
4. Support multi-track recording.


1. Require plugins to accomplish optimal functionality;
2. Can't export audio recordings to MP3;
3. Effect editing is destructive to original audio track.

Top 2. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Differing from Audacity or other desktop audio recording tools, Apowersoft Audio Recorder is a free online recording solution that needs no plug-in on Windows or Mac. It allows you record any sound from system sound card and microphone in high quality within 3 steps only. It fully supports capturing streaming music, radio stations, music in games, voice chats, etc. playing via devices like Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, Tablets, Chromebook, Android smartphones, iPhone, Windows Phone and more. Besides, it offers additional recording functions like converting audio records to MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG, adding ID3 tags, sharing recorded audios online, playing recordings in real time, etc.


Best Free Music Mixing Software For Mac Os

1. Free and no need to install setup file on computer;
2. Support any sound sources;
3. Save recordings in multiple popular formats;
4. Support extensional functions for recording.


1. Can't edit output audio quality;
2. Multi-track recording not supported.

Top 3. Ardour (Mac & Windows)

Ardour DAW is another great open-source audio recorder with professional music recording features and no cost. Developed by Paul Davis, Ardour is aiming at providing powerful recorder for studios who are at low budgets. Featuring highly versatile multi-track audio recording, Ardour can record and edit audios non-destructively or destructively. Its use of Jack, an underlying sound server, makes it compatible with a number of outside applications as well. With the release of third edition, Ardour is supposed to import video for film scoring purpose and record, edit MIDI without a hassle. However, unlike most of other free DAWs, Ardour comes with a confusing graphical user interface which is inaccessible for beginners. It's more like a professional tool developed for musicians or audio engineers.


1. Free and professional;
2. Support multi-track recording;
3. Edit recorded tracks non-destructively.


1. It's complex and difficult for newbie;
2. No built-in effects or instruments.

Top 4. Aktiv MP3 Recorder (Windows)

If you are looking for a free streaming music recorder that can convey CD, tape, DVD, live performance, TV, Internet radio, streaming music, video games and any other sound source into popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF, then you can't miss Aktiv MP3 Recorder. As a full-featured audio recorder, the big difference between Aktiv and other free recording tools is that it comes with recording scheduler which provides you the ability to record streaming audio at certain times according to your requirements.


1. Free streaming audio recorder;
2. Support most popular output formats;
3. Provide schedule recording tasks.


1. Available for Windows only;
2. Installer contains some extra software.

Top 5. Traverso DAW (Mac & Windows)

Traverso DAW is another cross-platform free multitrack audio recording and audio editing suite with support for CD mastering and non-linear processing. Traverso is different with other in UI as it offers a unique user interface using both the mouse and the keyboard together for precision and speed. In addition, Traverso includes non-destructive editing, the ability to use plugins and make edits without changing the actual recorded sample. Also it is offering full support for ALSA, Jack and PortAudio, and lockless real-time audio processing.


1. Fullfeatured free recording app;
2. Innovative keyboard and mouse shortcuts;
3. Support non-destructive audio editing.


Best Music software, free download

1. Take some time for users to get used to the shortcuts;
2. Need plugins to edit audio non-destructively.

Conclusion & Suggestion

As you can see, all the above recording tools are free of charge to meet most of your recording needs with options of recording audio, adding effects, and cutting waveforms, as well as other basic recording tasks. To conclude, if you are referring an all-in-one application that combines easy operation and high performance, Audacity and Aktiv MP3 Recorder could be the best options. But if you concern more about the professionalism and quality, you are suggested to go for Ardour or Traverso DAW that are more professional oriented. Or alternatively, Apowersoft Audio Recorder could be a great choice if you don't want to install any software on your computer. If you still have no idea which one to choose, simply try them out one by one and decide which works best for you.

More Professional Audio Recorder for Low Budget

Of course, no piece of free software is without its shortcomings. So do those free audio recorders. They are not as advanced as other paid software in functionality. In case you are searching for such paid recording products with reasonable price, we highly recommend a quick alternative solution to you. The renowned program is called TunesKit Audio Capture. It's available for both Mac and Windows platforms. It costs $19.95 but with more powerful features, including multi-track lossless recording, automatically fulfilling ID3 tags, editing output quality, splitting or merging recorded tracks, etc. You can download the free trial versions as below to test it out by yourself. For complete tutorial, visit this user guide.

Best Music Making Software Free

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The crazy tech world is flourishing with amazing tools and software that simplifies things and make us productive. Today’s article introduces you with bestAutotune softwares which can be used to turn random audio bits into ear soothing melodies. These Autotune Sotwares makes life easy and can make many things easy to do. Primarily free Autotune software is designed for music personnel to facilitate them producing an awesome audio piece.

Best Free Music Software Mac

To subtle the voice and add the pinch of magic into it. Autotune softwares are being used for years by the music industry. You are going to read about some such wonderful Autotune software for Mac and Windows, that can be used by anybody at home to make your voice like a nightingale. These Autotune Software automatically perfect the sound pitch and removes the unnecessary pauses and blank areas. They are also easy to install and use.


  • Best Autotune Softwares for Windows & MAC

Best Autotune Softwares for Windows & MAC

Antares EVO

Its audio processor is very strong. The vocal tracks manage to produce the best possible sounds out of the system. It does automatic graphical correction of voice, throat modeling, real-time pitch stabling, and formant correction. This autotune software is quite intelligent with in-built senses to match the pitch as required. There’re many options available to choose from the toolkit. This free autotune software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Use Antares EVO?

Waves Tune

Waves Tune is designed for adding perfect pitch to your recordings and deducting any useless notes. For this, it required real-time editing tools. For the ease of the users, the software has a formant correction tool and an array of pitch shaping tools. Now, there is no need to work offline and synchronize it online at a later point in time. Everything comes embedded in this autotune software for Windows. You can also check here the pitch edit graph to get an idea for better recording next time.

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This autotune program is no less than a magic tool for music composers, lyrics writers, producers, and DJs. There are built-in voice editing tools to polish your voice and carve it into the perfect sweet-sounding voice. It catches monophonic signals and adjusts the pitch accordingly. The chord track attach to it, is best to play euphonious music soothing to ear for hours. It’s all based on a good pitch and a sweet voice.

Celemony Melodyne

This Autotune software for Mac/Windows works in an environment that deals with rhythmic audio bits, polyphonic sounds, and monophonic sound waves. It’s the combo of automatic and manual sound system that enables to let you go any way you want. Besides these in-built features and functionalities, you may also add on your own melodies, harmonies, rhythm, and formant spectrum to it. Its other salient features include creation and editing of sound scales, re-quantization, can edit note timings, and pitch shifting on the go. It also supports MIDI file export.

Mu Technologies Mu Voice

If you have tried many free Autotune softwares but unable to find meaningful results, try this one. We’re sure you won’t disappoint. With this software, you can transform your tracks into dulcet songs with special effects, pitch tuning with vocals, and natural-sound harmonies. It’s the latest version is v1.3 which is easily available on both Windows’ Microsoft store or Mac store as it supports with both the operating system. It can be run in real-time and is a perfect tool for professional artist providing chord scheme navigation, preset selection, and chord recognition.

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GarageBand Enhance Tuning

Best Free Music Mixing Software For Mac Downloads

This Autotune software for Mac especially is not available for Windows as of now. May be expected soon in the near future. There is a particular section in this software named, ‘Audio Region’. This section can be seen on the left side of the screen. It’s very easy to handle. To set your preference, you just need to slide the bar to and fro. Apart from that, users of this Autotune software can make use of ‘Limit to Key’ option for synchronizing notes to project key.


Best free music software mac

Another free Autotune Software that takes place in our list is Azurite. With this software installed on your Windows device, you can create the best chorus adding as many voices as you want. Also, you can set the functions such that, the voice can be repeated after a fixed period. Tools added in this software are, Voice which makes the chorus mixing the various voices, Sync. Option that balance between beats and voice, Speed feature that helps you to control the speed, and Bass function that improves the bass level in the tracks.

Cobalt Chorus

This a free Autotune Software for Windows which is mainly developed for Flanging, Vibrato, and Chorus of an input audio track. Flanging is the latest technique that takes your voice and audio quality to an all-new level. The tools in this Autotune Software includes Delay – It delays the audio up to 25 Milliseconds. Plus, there is a function of Quad Mode which makes use of LFO (Low-Frequency Modulation). Besides that, a mixing slider is also given.

Best Free Music Mixing Software For Mac Osx


For pitch changers, this is the best tool to get autotune effect on your recorded tracks. There are huge setting options available which are primarily divided into 3 sections viz., Detection, MIDI, and Correction. Detection Section works to adjust the frequency of voice and controls speed. MIDI section contains options for Pitch bent, Vibrato, and Calibration. The third section which is Correction provides variables for overall voice transformation.


Last but not the least AutoTune Software for Windows is KeroVee. It works with Audacity and Wavosaur. Basically, the software is used for pitch correction and voice scaling. You can addon various plugins to this Autotune software to simplify your work. Some of the popular plugins are Bypass – which bypass the original sound and plan the vocals accordingly, TuneTo – This tune-up scale, MIDI tones, and MIDI chord together.