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Also check – best usb bootable software / best file transfering software iphone to mac. Listen N Write Windows. Listen N Write is a best transcription software window 2020 and it is straightforward and very easy to use software for transcription. Transcription Software. For the conversion of speech to the text, we use certain software. Here we will talk about some transcription software for mac. Transcription Software for Mac aids the transformation of the interpretation of human voice into a content transcript. The significance of the term “translation programming” has changed. MacSpeech Dictate Medical's accuracy and capabilities make it as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself. MacSpeech Dictate Medical provides: Amazing Accuracy: MacSpeech Dictate. Don’t Miss: 3 Best Of The Best Remote Desktop Access Software That Are Free Here’s My Take: Google Docs Voice Typing vs. IOS/OS X Dictation Google Docs “Voice typing” is near perfect except that adding a period or a comma or any other punctuations feels odd. Should you be looking for a business-grade dictation application, your best bet is Dragon Professional.Aimed at pro users, the software provides you with the tools to dictate and edit documents.

The majority of the official conversations made require being done in writing for reference purposes. Having to write all the conversation is a tedious job can be tedious and expensive especially when experts are consulted.


This is why it is important for organizations with a need for transcription services to have an audio transcription software for simplifying the process as well as lower the costs associated with it and this article will look at some of the best.



oTranscribe is an audio transcription software that is very useful when it comes to this category especially given that it is distributed for free. The software is very safe and offers lots of features such as no more switching, Pause, rewind and fast-forward, Interactive time stamps, automatically saved, Video file support.



Transcribe is an audio transcription software that aims at helping those required to make transcription such as students, secretaries, and even lawyers. With this software, you will enjoy an integrated audio player with text editing to avoid the need to keep changing the screens when you need to rewind the audio.

Listen to N Write Free

Listen N Write Free is an audio transcription software that is distributed for free and it is easy to use. The software supports 15+ languages, and it is very light and thus does not require a dedicated computer. The software runs on all versions of windows from Windows XP.

Other Platforms

Generally, audio transcription softwares are platform depended though there are some that have multiple versions for the different platform, and this makes them appear as cross platform. However, there are still some that are web based, and thus they acquire cross-platform status by their very nature.

Express Scribe Transcription Software for Windows

Express Scribe Transcription Software is a leading audio transcription software, and it is able to run on the Windows platform with relative ease. The software offers a variable playback speed while at the same time offering a constant pitch and also support both audio and video playback.

TranscribeMe for Mac

TranscribeMe is an audio transcription software designed for the Mac platform and allows the user to enjoy simplicity when it comes to transcription of audio files. Essentially this software uses complex recognition softwares as well as human transcribers to bring quality transcriptions fast and at an affordable rate.

Transcription Software FTWT4A for Android

Dictation Software For Mac Computer

Transcription Software FTWT4A is an Android based audio transcription app that allows for faster and more enhanced transcriptions. The software has the convenience of that it can be used straight from your phone and on the move while it still has lots of functionalities.

Voice dictation software for mac

Most Popular Software for 2016 – Inscribe

Inscribe is a multi-language audio transcription software that lets you be in a position to handle all your transcription requirements without the need of a third party which is essential in maintaining the privacy and company secrets. It also allows users to use shortcuts and snippets as well as use time codes. You can also see Audio Dubbing Software

What is Audio Transcription Software?

An audio transcription software is a computer program that enhances the ability of the users to conduct conversion of recorded audio files into document format. As things are currently, fully automated transcription, soft wares are not a possible reality especially with the level of varied tunes and languages. You can also see Audio to Text Translator Software

This is further accelerated by the fact that in the real world, audio files to be transcribed involves more than a single individual and the fact that there is background noise. However, these tools offer a means in which the users can enjoy increased ease when it comes to the process of transcription.

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Transcription of recorded audio is an essential part of filing such conversations or interviews. This being the case, it is always great to have an insight of the best tool to apply to any specific role, and this article has attempted to give that insight in details while still remaining as short as possible.

Dragon Dictation Software For Mac

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