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Ant Download Manager (AntDM) is an all-in-one download manager and accelerator. AntDM supports for multiple threads that aid it in speeding up tasks, along with automatic, manual and batch downloads. DLHelper is auxiliary extension for Google Chrome could take over and accelerate the downloads of various files from your Chrome browser. Ant is already installed on some older versions of Mac OS X, so you should run ant -version to test if it is installed before attempting to install it. If it is not already installed, then your best bet is to install Homebrew (brew install ant) or MacPorts (sudo port install apache-ant), and use those tools to install Apache Ant.

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  • YouTube Tutorials (by Laurence Anthony)
  • YouTube Tutorials (by Monika Bednarek)
  • YouTube Tutorials (by Hyun Jung)
  • YouTube Tutorials (by Umair Ibne Abid of Umair Linguistics)
  • Youku Tutorials (by Laurence Anthony)
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  • Guide by Warren Tang (Hiroshima University, Japan)
    • AntConc 3.2.1 Tutorial (in English) Latest version available here.
  • Guide by Taku Kaneta and Akira Murakami (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
    • AntConc3.2.2 Tutorial (in Japanese)
  • Help file translations
    • AntConc3.3.5 (in Arabic) by Ahmad Haider (University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    • AntConc3.2.1 (in Chinese) by Xiong Qing'an (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China)
    • AntConc3.1.0 (in German) by Regine Muller
    • AntConc3.2.4 (in Korean) by Dr CK Jung (Centre for Corpus Research, Yonsei University, Korea)
    • AntConc3.4.4 (in Portuguese) by Laboratory of New Technologies in International Relations - LANTRI (Julia S Borba Gonçalves)
    • AntConc3.4.4 (in Spanish) by Jesús Aparicio Boussif (Universidad de Córdoba, España)