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There are driver problems (search DICEII), and for me at least WDM didn't give me full access to all the, uh, i o. But try renaming your drivers and check 'use friendly driver names' - things like 'Analog 1+2' or 'Alesis In L+R' - it may make it easier to decipher what you're actually selecting when you setup your inputs. Alesis updates their drivers fairly regularly for Mac OSX and Windows; I use a 2.4 Ghz MacBook with 4Gb of memory and OS 10.5.8, and everything works fine. Also, it helps to read the manual etc. Other reviewers have pointed to quality control issues, wires being disconnected, unreliability, etc. This package contains the files needed for installing the Alesis iO 2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface driver. If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may. ALESIS IO 26 FIREWIRE DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7 - We eventually sent it to a 'Authorized Alesis Repair Center' note the quotes to fix it. Unable to add item to List. This item is not eligible for international shipping. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Before I bought this, I read the previous review in which the user had to open up the unit and reconnect a. I bought an Alesis io26 a couple of months ago, and in the beginning it worked fine. Now i don't seem to get any signal from the audio interface to my software. It gets power and every line in works, and it shows, but nothing on my Mac. I have tried to update drivers, but nothing improved.

Hi Richard... this is the same problem I've found in this topic (search it) 'Firewire Edirol FA-101 recognize like 61883 device'...
The Edirol FA-101 (an Audio device like your) don't work in Windows under Boot Camp with Apple Mac Pro Hardware and his drivers installed...
Your post is to conferm that Apple hardware has big problems with Firewire 1394 peripherals.
Like you, I can't find in Sound Control Panel the detailed list of the Audio device of Edirol FA-101 (4 analog stereo channel IN, 4 analog stereo channel OUT and 2 stereo channel SPDIF).
I thing this is to demonstrate that Apple drivers had to be update regarding the Firewire management.
Now I'll open a post to ask this update to Apple (If you agree).
1 Firewire problem could be a Windows responsibility... BUT 2 Firewire audio peripherals...

Alesis Io 26 Driver Download Mac Download

May 26, 2008 4:35 AM